Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Birthday Exchange partner...

A little while ago I got a parcel from sewandso and posted a message to say what I got. Well I had some stuff for my birthday exchange partner on A Crafty Natter so couldn't tell you what it was.

My exchange partner was Rach (Frog101) and now that I know she has received it safe and sound I can show you what it was lol.

Irish blessing
Irish Blessing Chart from The Sweetheart Tree as well as 4 DMC threads to go with it and the little clover charm for the centre. I also sent a small book of Sudoku too as she loves puzzles lol.

Glad you like it Rach!



brokenfairy said...

Hi Maddie just to say that link is for my blog not Rach(frog)

Maddy*Moo said...

Hi Rach, sorry I have so many Rachaels to keep track of that they all seem to become one to me lol. Have changed it now! Thanks for letting me know!

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