Friday, 19 September 2008

Goodies through my door...

Ordered a few bits from Sewandso yesterday and it all came today!

Here is what was in it:

* A Victoria Sampler International Hearts kit which I plan to stitch as a christmas present for my BF's parents.
* A 6pack of size 24 needles.
* A 6pack of size 26 needles.
* A 3pack of gold size 24 needles.
* And some bits for my birthday exchange partner on A Crafty Natter.

I also received 2 surprise free charts.

* 1 is a winnie the pooh flower scene.
* 1 DMC Mouline Special which has 4 different charts in!

So yay me! Now I won't be hunting around for a needle and I have a birthday and christmas present sorted.

Now just to start them lol.


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