Thursday, 27 November 2008

My jacket

Today went pretty well. I made adjustments to my jacket pattern and sewed up another toile as I had a crit in the afternoon. I had left all my seams straight as I wanted to do cording around the waist.

Here's the front:
jacket toile 2 front

And the back:
jacket toile 2 back

I added frills to the centre back but forgot to take a picture before I had my crit so here is the back with my new style lines.

jacket toile 2 with frills

Here's the side:
jacket 2 side style lines

Here's the side front:
jacket 2 side front style lines

And here's it from the front. The collar is pinned as I need to take some volume out of it so that it stands upright rather than lying flat on the shoulders.
jacket 2 front style lines

Thanks for looking.


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