Monday, 1 December 2008

A boring Monday...

As Joe pulled his back Saturday evening, he was in too much pain to go to work today so we dropped off Joey at nursery and made our way to Romford. We went to Wimpy where I got the same thing I always get, an all-day breakfast! Yummy!

Anyway he went off to get the bus home and I made my way to the fabric shop. Managed to get some netting fabric to do another sample for my print module dress.

I then made my way to Hobbycraft and got a few threads that I needed to finish off a couple of bits. And then went off to Sainsbury's, mainly because I was busting for the loo but also wanted to have a look at their clothes. Found some great trousers! Black with glitter lol! Very festive.

Well not much to add for today lol.


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