Saturday, 13 December 2008

My birthday trip to London...

We made it to London and had a yummy pizza at Pizza hut or should I say Pasta Hut as that's what the sign said lol. We got some tickets to see Avenue Q and went in the fair for a little while. It was raining all the time but it was so much fun. We went in the Ice maze and looked like dwarfes in the funny mirrors.

Joe and I in the ice maze

Jow went on the rifles I think 5 times and almost got rid of the star but claimed the gun pulled to the left lol. I dragged him on the Waltza, (my favourite fairground ride of which I hadn't been on one for years), and I screamed my head off laughing the whole time! We went on the dodgems and I kept getting stuck lol, and Joe won me a little reindeer at the darts, managing to get under 30 points! I probably would have hit the bullseye first time without looking lol. For some reason it just happens.

[picture of reindeer coming] lol.

Then we went to see Avenue Q.

Joe and I at Avenue Q

We went to the hotel after the show and had a drink before going to bed. it was soooooo comfortable, then again 5-star hotels make comfort a necessity lol.

Thanks for looking.


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Mylene said...

Belated Happy Birthday Maddy!!

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