Monday, 19 January 2009

One quacking cushion for Essie...

I finally got around to putting together one of the cushions to match Essie's baby quilt. Put together by A Crafty Natter back in October for the Derby meetup. All that is left is to slip stitch the bottom opening and it's finished.

There will be a second cushion to follow but my sewing machine has decided that it wants to snap my thread every four stitches at the moment so I am letting it have a breather.

Anyway here it is, the square was stitched by Michelle from A Crafty Natter:


I have also written up a how to if anyone is interested in making on the same way, the same process and be used for quilts also or any other type of craft.

Thanks for looking.



Anonymous said...

where is your how too? I would love to know how to do it

Mylene said...

The cushion turned out great!

sarah said...

hi -- the cushion is gorgeous and i would love to know how to make it too please

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