Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Two cushions finished...

I made up one cushion on Monday (the yellow one) and made up the second one today (the blue one). They are to match Essie and Frido's quilt that i put together back in October. I hope they match OK as I have used the same fabrics and also that Essie and Frido like them too.

The squares were stitched by Michelle and Mavis from A Crafty Natter. Michelle's is the ducky and Mavis' is the ABC block.

both cushions together

And here is a close up of the second one, square stitched by Mavis.

finished blue cushion

Hope you like them Essie and Frido. I will sew up the gaps in the bottoms and send them out to you next week!

And for all those that have asked for the tutorial I have now put up a link to my tutorials blog which has a step by step. Please don't be put off by a couple of the photos are from the blue cushion although the rest are of the yellow cushion.

Thanks for looking.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful cushions Maddy.

Mylene said...

Another lvely cushion. Well done, Maddy!

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