Monday, 1 June 2009

Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long

I recently joined the TUSAL on the Dragon My Needle blog. I managed to find some really nice jars in BHS in two sizes. Both small and large. I bought 2 small and one large to make up a small display in the future when they are all filled. My first filling date was 24th May, which has already passed so here are my pictures.

Empty jar:
empty jar

How it looks:
month 1

Inside the jar:
inside month 1

Items/threads from:

  • ORT bag - top
  • Current UFO Night project - left
  • A black wool jacket I was making before Easter - right
  • Current exchange pieces - left

Thanks for looking.


1 comment:

Yoyo said...

This is a great start for your Totally Useless SAL. There are a couple of participants thinking on 'several little jars', quite a clever idea. Keep up on that UFO teddy and you'll have your first one filled in no time (LOL).

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