Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Alphabet Exchange...

alphabet exchange wrapped up

I managed to send my Alphabet exchange piece for Exchange Heaven to my partner Chris on 22-07-09. Sorry for the delay in sending. It took a lot longer than I had anticipated.

Anyway Chris posted that she had received it so here are the pictures I took before sending it on it's way.

The front:
This has wadding underneath so it can be used as a pin cushion or simply just to put your needle in between lengths.

The inside:
inside of all in one
There are two rings for flosses, a pocket to put scissors/charts in, a scissor keep, and an ORT bag attached to the back with velcro.

The reason it took so long is at first I didn't realise the size of the chart but didn't really want to start a different one, then didn't know what to make it up into and finally I decided to simply improvise and ended up making an all-in-one keep that can sit on the arm of the chair with everything you need for a project lol. My best improvising yet lol.

Thanks for looking everyone!



Stitchingranny said...

A beautiful stitch and I just love the finishing idea Maddison.

Karen said...

What a pretty finish! I'm sure she loved it.

Rachael said...

Oh wow Maddy, a lot of stitching and finsihing has gone into that...Well done!

Colette said...

Maddison you clever clogs, its just beautiful, a lovely finish

Karan said...

Admired this on Chris's blog - it's gorgeous Maddy. :0)

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