Saturday, 22 August 2009

TUSAL update

I have been working on many projects recently and so all my cut threads have enterred my TUSAL jar.

TUSAL 4 side

TUSAL 4 inside

Whole jar:
TUSAL 4 whole jar

Threads are from:

  • Green from the scissor fob I finished for my mum's birthday.
  • My PIF's.
  • An exchange piece (to be revealed at end of the month).
  • StitchFactor 09 piece although I don't think I will have it finished by due date.
Thanks for looking.



Always smiling said...

Thank you Maddy I made the link!!
Your orts show you've been busy...
Hope you're enjoying your summer break. Being retired my life is one long break!! LOL.... Not really just done 2 hours at the allotment with DH!

Hugs Chris x

Branlaadee said...

Just stopping by to see your TUSAL! It looks like you've been busy!

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