Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Off to School...

Joey finally started school on Thursday (3rd). He was so excited we could barely keep him still long enough to take pictures lol. Anyway here are a couple of him, the first in his uniform and the second with his fleece, hat and bag.

Joey in uniform

Joey all in blue uniform

He cried when we picked him up after as he wanted to stay there for lunch but he's fine now lol. This week he is staying in for lunch so it's packed lunch till I get his meals sorted and then next week he will be in full time. YAY!

Thanks for looking.



Rachael said...

Oh he looks so excited!!

Rowyn said...

Hi Maddy

I've just come across your blog. I remember you from the Aion BB (I stitched on your International Bears RR). I can't believe your baby is off to school already! :-)

Love the red dress you made for Uni. It is amazing.

Have a great weekend!

Karan said...

He does look excited & very smart. Hope he's settled in well & enjoying it all. :0)
Great progress on your UFO. :0)

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