Sunday, 18 October 2009

Derby, goody bags and PIFs...

Well here are some pics of my trip up to Derby with Joe and Joey to meet up with the ladies of A Crafty Natter. It was so much fun that I just couldn't stop laughing through dinner lol. We had the goody bag draw and stash to buy, there were pieces on display and not forgetting the Stitchfactor09 winner and the UFO slasher.

This one was taken in the car on our way up, if you've met me, you will know, these are actually my glasses:

The contents of my goody bag which Wendy chose:

Here is the goody bag I chose which Rachael made:

Here is the biscobourse I made for Rachael in the Biscobourse exchange:

Here's the biscobourse I received from Tammy:
biscobourse from tammy
biscobourse from tammy - bottom

And here is Joey with a cake that Moll and Hege made:

Also here is the PIF I made for Tammy along with some goodies:
PIF to Tammy

And a gorgeous little PIF I received from Rachael:
PIF from Rachael - bottom
PIF from Rachael

I also picked up some some stash:
Victoria Sampler International Hearts - China, Japan, and Greece.
JWB Designs - A Very Merry Christmas
HoneySuckle - Tudor Hearts Scissorkeep
Heirloom Embroideries - Darling Buds
And a piece of hand-dyed orange evenweave.

Thanks for a wonderful day ladies!



Rachael said...

It was lovely to see you again, and so glad you were just as nutty as the rest of us!! LOL
And what a lovely little boy you have, He was so well behaved!

Karen said...

What great stuff! All of the stitching is very the biscobourses...hadn't seen those before.

Claire said...

Lovely goodie bag.

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