Saturday, 21 November 2009

Twilight: New Moon


OK so many of you may already know that I am in love with Twilight and kind of obsessed! lol. Went to see it last night and even though it kindof jumps from scene to scene and seems over far too soon, it was cool lol. The way they show the time passing is very clever! The months of 'zombie' Bella and the way the bikes get built, just great! lol.

Unfortunately though, even though Taylor Lautner is BUFF BUFF BUFF! I am still Team Edward lol. And can I just say that it had the perfect ending! Seemed as though nobody else in the cinema had read the books though as there was whistling and cheering, clapping and awwing! I mean come on girls! He can't hear you! lol. I think someone even asked if Bella was going to die! Honestly people read up on your literature before venturing into the cinema!

Apart from all the interruptions from the lustful teenagers it was a good film although I think a few more times will mean I actually watch it properly. I spent a lot of the time laughing out loud or trying to stifle laughs at my neighbouring friend Lauren who was hinting that she wouldn't turn Taylor down at all!

People came out of the cinema taking pictures with the cutouts of Edward, Bella and Jacob! OK I'm obsessed but not SAD! Sorry had to have a little rant, it just kindof put a dampener on the film a little anyway! Will definitely have to see it again!


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