Sunday, 13 December 2009


As promised, here are my presents from my birthday.

These are from my best friend Emma:
new moon bag, edward keyring and notebook
(A brown and gold journal, New Moon satchel bag, and Edward keyring)

This is from Joe (bf):
(A gorgeous bracelet from Warren James - the one I pointed out ages ago to him)

These are from my parents and sister:
goodies from my parents
(From left to right - Edward keyring (yes I have two), True Blood books, the blue thing has a rabbid in it to go with the game, T-Shirt graffitti pens, Muse cds - Haarp and Black Holes, Rabbids go home wii game, and last but not least a team Edward t-shirt!)

This is from my great Aunt:
some cows from my great aunt
(Cows salt and pepper and dish scrubber)

And this is from my best friend Lauren:
picture frame from lauren
(A picture frame)

Thanks for looking everyone!



Rachael said...

Firstly TEAM JACOB!!!!
Lots of lovely Presents I hope you had a fab birthday!!

Karan said...

Great gifts Maddy. Cute ornie too & I love those peacock feather fabrics. :0)

Tracy said...

Lucky you what lovely gifts esp the New Moon stuff I'm hooked on it at the moment as well lol and Def TEAM EDWARD

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