Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Slippery ways

Well, we set out on our usual trip to school and then disaster struck. I slipped on snow covered ice and ended up on the floor, taking Joey down with me. We were just outside a house and they have lawn edging, the concrete things that stand upright, he hit his head quite hard on it and was immediately crying in pain and lying flat on the floor. Managed to sit there for a while till he stop crying and struggled to get back off the floor. Went home and he's had some calpol.

I just feel so bad because he wouldn't have gone down if I hadn't and he wouldn't have got hurt. Although that doesn't mean he wouldn't have gone down at another point, but then I would've been holding his hand and he probably wouldn't have gone far.

I hate this weather!



Tanyastitches said...

Oh Maddy its not your fault, I hope you are both okay.

Karan said...

What an awful experience for both of you. Hope you both feel much better now (((((hugs))))).

Anonymous said...

i agree not you fault. hope the little guy is better nwo

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