Friday, 8 October 2010

HAED bags!!!!!

Selina Fenech posted this on her facebook page and i just had to share with my fellow bloggers!!!!!

HAED's are now being printed onto bags you can buy!!!!! Aren't they gorgeous! Adding to my wishlist lol. :)

Fairies & Fantasy

Thanks for looking.


Lula said...

oh my... how gorgeous. Sending link to my hubby with christmas written over it... thank you

demeter83 said...

Awww, Maddy, I absolutely love these bags, in fact I just love the entire website. I've got pair of earrings with Bubbles on (which is also on my to stitch pile) and it's just great!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing Maddy they are so stunning and not that badly priced, the problem for me would be chosing one lol x

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