Friday, 1 April 2011

A new month

OK so it is officially April and there is a new challenge up on the Sketchbook Challenge blog, I have yet to buy any christmas fabric to make my christmas ornaments, I have picked up UFOs and continued with them, finished another of my 15 crazy projects and almost finished 2 more. The month has gone by so fast and yet there are so many things to come in the new month.

This Sunday is Mother's Day, next weekend I will be in Andover visiting friends from A Crafty Natter, then we have 2 weeks off for Easter, The 16th I have my theory test which I'm starting to get nervous about, then we have Easter, Bank holiday Monday, 3 days at work, Royal Wedding friday, hopefully a quieter weekend and then Bank holiday Monday again. May will be here in no time at all as it will mostly be holiday time :).

Let's see what stitching and wonderful things I can make this month, as well as how much my going to the gym will help with my figure :), I also look forward to seeing some great work from all my fellow bloggers/stitchers out there!

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