Monday, 30 May 2011

Liberate your Art

I have just been back to the Liberate your Art page and finally got around to looking through all the blogs of people who are joining in. There have been so many additions since I joined and there are some amazing people in the crafting world! I am soo pleased to be a part of the exchange.

There are many, many photographers on the list as well as jewellery makers, scrapbookers, artists, digital artists, quilters, embroiderers, glass art, and something called Gourd art, there are so many more that here are a few of the links for you to peruse, the rest can be found here.

pointy pix

fiber works

the red tin

aquarel rivers

thirty years apart


cindy lews studio

tracy swartz

random thoughts do or di

life needs art

odd imagination

love and peas creations

Also I found out about a cool sketchbook project via crafty-creativity where you are sent a sketchbook and choose a theme, then complete the sketchbook in your own way and it gets exhibited in a tour. For more information click here. It sounds like a great way of showing off work to people all over the world that might not necessarily get to see your blogs etc and it will be permanently held at the Brooklyn Art Library too! I've just ordered mine!


Katie said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Love your stitchin and UFOs. God, I have a ton of those!!! I am overwhelmed by them recently! See you soon!

Jenny Blair said...

Hi there Maddy moo! (I am instantly a fan as my daughter is cow obsessed and we call her Maia moo!!hehe!)
Thankyou so much for the linky love and for following me too! It's so nice to have found a fellow stitch and stash-aholic :)x

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