Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bleedthrumanade #1, #2, #5

Some of you may be familiar with Molossus and her Bleedthrumanade taken from the fact that letraset promarkers bleed through paper and provide a second page of colour to work on. She produces some fantastic images and after seeing a couple I wanted to have ago with my markers too. My first few attempts cosisted of 4 pages each one using a different seasonal set of promarkers, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Unfortunately I was unhappy with my results and have not as yet finished all of Summer, Autumn and Winter however after some guidance from Molossus here are the 3 manade pages I have completed. 2 for Spring and 1 for Summer using promarkers and a berol fine tip pen.

Spring front Spring back Summer front
As I was unhappy with my attempt at dragonflies I found some pretty silver peel-off ones to cover them up a bit which made me feel a little better about the page.

Since these attempts I have seen more work my Molossus and have bought more pens to play with. This next manade I created today uses Comic art pack 3 Letraset promarkers, the fine-tip pen that comes with it and a berol fine tip pen. I love how the colours are very similar in tone but still provide contrast in colour.

Before and after - 'Inter-Gallatic':
Letraset pens before tangling Inter-Gallatic front

I forgot to take a picture of the bleedthru before tangling so here is the finished page 'Book-marked' as it looks like a large ribbon is hanging down to bookmark the page.
book-marked back

I don't think my sketchbook is as big as Molossus' although I do appreciate the smaller fine tip pen to add finer details. These two pages also come under the sketchbook challenge as the theme this month is pathways, I used a previous pathway 'bleedthrumanade' but tried it again differently.
What do you think??? All pictures are clickable. Don't forget to check out Molossus' page!


Molossus said...

Oh, how exciting! These are absolutely fantastic!!! I love the colors you've chosen and the layouts you came up with.

I'm working mostly in a 5" x 7" (12.7 cm x 17.8 cm) Paperblanks hand-stitched Journal, but I've also done several other size. I do prefer to work a little larger so you have room to explore.

I wish it were easier to find Promarkers here. Even online I've only been able to find the Comic sets, and have to order the others from Letraset directly. Did you know that Letraset will be doing an article on Zentangle later this month?

Darkskye said...

Nice!!! Great job!!

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