Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bleedthrumanade #7 back - Turtle Play

I have finished another manade! Following the theme Pathways for the Sketchbook Challenge I went back to some pages from last month when I tried some new equipment, Letraset ProMarkers. I felt as though I had 'failed' my first attempts with a bleedthrumanade as shown beautifully by Molossus, so for this month my path led me back and I retried working with bleedthru. Here are the stages for Turtle Play, which used the promarker bleedthru from the previous page, fineliner 0.1, berol fine black pen, white stabilo gel pen.

Pictures are all clickable.


Turtle play

Turtle play

I was a little worried that the bubbles wouldn't show up very well but I like the faded appearance of some of them so to me it looks great! Thanks for the tutorial on bubbles Molossus! I didn't add any other colour to them but did use kidney bean shapes for the reflections.

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