Friday, 22 July 2011

I won! I won!

You may remember me posting that I had enterred a competition at Letraset's blog with my coloured and tangled rollerboot. Well I was picked as a favourite and have now received my two prizes.

Firstly is a pack of 5 Letraset pens, Bright colours. Unfortunately I already have this pack so I have coloured a page with my already used pack to show you the colours and produce a review of them in the very near future.


I created a double spread with the markers which gives me 4 pages to work on from the bleedthru.
IMAG1049 IMAG1050

Also I received an 80s colouring book which the competition images came from and cannot wait to start on them.



Molossus said...

Congratulations! You did a fantastic job with that rollerboot and I'm so glad it was noticed.

But, what a bummer that you got colors that you already have!

missy said...


Rebecca said...

Congratulations to YOU my friend. HOW EXCITING TO WIN ANYTHING!


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