Saturday, 28 January 2012

Met an author!

Joey had a visit in school on Friday from the author Kate O'Hearn. He then insisted that we go to waterstone's to see when she was going to be there signing her books and buy her Pegasus series currently at 3 books - she is writing a fourth. We read chapter one of the first Pegasus book that night.

This afternoon after his swimming lesson we headed back to Waterstone's to visit her and purchase the dragon series currently at 2 books. As well as have a chat and take some pictures. here Joey is with the Black Knight and Kate O'Hearn.

Joey at kate o'hearn book signing

The other Knights then came in to shake his hand and he wanted a picture with them too.

Book signing with the knights

Needless-to-say he had fun and was happy with his books. However I have read some more of the first Pegasus book myself and think that he won't like the second chapter so we shall see.

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