Monday, 23 January 2012

What a weekend!

My trip to Derby this weekend did prove to be quite fruitful! After going to the craft show Saturday morning, Joey and I drove straight up to Derby, stopping off a Watford Gap services to get some dinner and then went to the Scout Hut meetup in Old Dalby Sunday morning.

I'm quite surprised actually as I managed to not only finish a green panda, but also make a brown one which turned out to look like a chinchilla due to the wool used and then proceeded to stitch on my oriental scene, filling in the dark green behind the pagoda.

oriental scene

Had a lovely time catching up with the ladies and even came away inspired to do some quilting and make some gorgeous dreamcatcher earrings too, I've always wanted to make a pair but didn't know where to start... Watch this space...

1 comment:

Rachael G said...

I hadn't realised you stopped in Derby, you should of said!!

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