Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cake Hearts

When we got home from Speedcrafting I decided to make some cake, yes I know it was late but still I had told coleagues at work I was going to make a cake so I did! I didn't have what I needed for teh 3 layer sponge cake but I had the exact ingredients to make these two chocolate heart cakes. A recipe from Baked and Delicious. How do they look?

Yummy cake! Joey's decorated cake!

Joey decorated his on the Friday after school in white chocolate frosting and then ate almost all of it within half an hour. Mine however is still untouched yet tempting me all the time - I may have to share mine on Valentine's Day with Joey! You're meant to layer them up but I thought they were nice as two different iced cakes. There was even enough mixture to make 3 cupcakes at the same time too.

I even made a whole tub of pasta for my lunch Friday whilst waiting for the cakes to rise in the oven. And I ate the whole lot at lunchtime, soo yummy!

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