Friday, 10 February 2012


Wasn't quite sure what to expect when I received the flyer via email at work but then I'll give anything a go when it comes to crafts! Thursday night was Speedcrafting at the Brentwood Road Gallery, Frances Bardsley school, Romford.

I took Joey along with me to try out some new crafts and meet some new people. Had a lovely chat with a jeweller and a member of the Romford Embroiderer's Guild whilst Joey made some gorgeous smelling bath salts for me at another table.

orange scented bath salts - speedcrafting

He was constantly snacking on the cucumber sticks by the entrance and then promptly starting and almost finished a bag of mini eggs, leaving me just 3.

We then made our way to another table after talking about wire wrapping and he decorated a cake using a piping bag.

decorated cake - speedcrafting

This was later eaten in bed, me one bite, and Joey the rest.

Then heading to another table I made a Suffolk Puff brooch and Joey headed to the Lino cutting table, firstly to watch and then secondly to try it out. Here is my Suffolk Puff and Joey's lino cutting.

suffolk puff - speedcraftingIMAG1788

Unfortunately he did cut his finger but we quickly stopped it from bleeding, cleaned it up and he went back to finish off and print his lino.

Here they are together, I bought the metal flower brooch from The Black Cat.

speedcrafting goodies

Unfortunately the evening came to an end before I could get to the finger knitting table, I really want to try it but just can't work it out from instructions... Anyone fancy showing me?

Anyway, I'd like to try and set up a similar event a little more locally to me and see how it goes.

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