Friday, 16 March 2012


Finished on December 22nd! So happy as it looks amazing! For some reason I took a picture and didn't upload it but here it is. One of my Crazy 2011 pieces, 15 sided biscornu.

Side 1:
15 sided biscornu

Side 2:
15 sided biscornu


Anonymous said...


Just joined your blog.

Your biscornu is beautiful, such a pretty button too!

Happy stitching.

Jucó said...

Hi Maddy!
This is a beautiful biscornu, i really love it:)
I like your blog, so I nomiated you too on the Liebster blog award. It is a game, where I had to post links of my 5 favourite blogs, which doesnt have more than 200 followers. I chose your blog too, cause I enjoy reading it. Check your award on my blog:)

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