Thursday, 26 April 2012

Paper Piecing

Before I went to the Scout Hut meetup in March I had barely any knowledge of what this was. All I knew was I had a pattern from a patchwork magazine I wanted to try.

Polly kindly explained how it worked whilst she completed some nautical squares and although it sounded easy, however a little fiddly when trying to keep the fabrics in the right place from the wrong side.

Anyway I have finally given it a go with this pattern which started smaller than A4, I have blown it up to A3 for each piece and made it big enough to fit a small IKEA cushion. All it needs is a backing as I have since given it a good press and added black strips around the edge. Pictures are Back - where you stitch onto the paper, front - finished panel, close-up of centre.

I absolutely love it and will be digging through my fabric stash to make more. I used a black and white fat quarters bundle from hobbycraft to make this one which included the white and black plain fabrics too. I should be able to make another cushion with the same fabrics and have some left over for a smaller one too which is great.

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Rachael G said...

It looks great!!

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