Saturday, 19 May 2012

MoonWalk 2012 (Picture heavy)

OK it's been on Facebook so I think it's time I put it on here. My mum and I walked the MoonWalk last Sunday morning, 13th May. Here we are arriving at camp and Jennifer Saunders on stage with her group 'Jens Big Tits'.




We set off at 5 minutes past midnight and started our trek around London. First around Hyde Park itself, of which comprised of the first 3 miles, not taking much time at all. However then we had to queue to get out of Hyde Park for 20 minutes. After which we headed down Constitutional Hill, where we past another couple of mile markers.


Then towards the Mall, down to Embankment and all the way to London Bridge. We reached mile 10 somewhere near London Bridge and stopped for the loos and to check on blisters... only small at this point. Then onwards hardly stopping towards Waterloo Bridge and then to Battersea Park, the halfway point.


IMAG2074 IMAG2075

Now here is where the pain starts to kick in and the feet start to hurt. For the next 7 miles, I really don't know where we went except around a lot of houses and back along the river until we reached this marker.


5 more miles to get back into Hyde Park. Thrilled to see the sign, we pushed on getting another burst of energy, however by this point my blisters had grown and all different parts of my legs had decided to spring pain. We reached mile 26 and saw the finish line up ahead, however the .2 was up hill, yep you heard it, up hill, to the big Pink tent. Walking the slowest I have ever walked, half tiptoe half shuffling and dragging my left leg (couldn't lift it to put my foot forward - old hip problem - I sound like an OAP or something) anyway, we made it to the finish line.


Needless-to-say we both cried when we made it and received our medals. Now the clock says 09:53 so it took just under 10 hours. Around half an hour queueing to get out of Hyde Park and another half hour lost at out loo break, I see it as 9 hours. If we'd left in one of the earlier groups then we wouldn't of had much queueing to do. Not sure if I would do another 26.2 miles but 13.1 would be fine. If I trained more and got some decent trainers then I think blisters wouldn't be a problem, just overcoming shooting pains in my legs.

Here are the bras I decorated for the walk, unfortunately by the time we started we were far too cold to have them on show and only really warmed up within the last couple of miles.


And for anyone interested, here are the blisters the next day...


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Rachael G said...

Ouch, Well done though!!

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