Sunday, 1 July 2012

Crafting weekend

Have been busy this weekend making cards with my sister. She has been decopaging some Mimic cards my dad has printed, Ashleigh Banjo, Arnold Swarzeneger, Jimmy Hendrix, Gok Wan, and The Stig.


Whilst I have been putting together a bird cages kit by KanBan from Creat & Craft.

IMAG2229 IMAG2228
IMAG2227 IMAG2224
IMAG2223 IMAG2222
IMAG2225 IMAG2220

Hope you like them, there are plenty more parts of this kit to use so I will be finishing it up as soon as possible.

I also made up this one too which is from a CD of my dads, he cut out the pieces and let me put it together...


1 comment:

stitcheranon said...

They are beautiful, really pretty. Thank you for letting me win your giveaway xxx and love the cards.

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