Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bead Soup Reveal #1

I apologise whole heartedly to my partner for not being ready, I had so many ideas in my head, drew them all out and then felt they weren't daring enough for me and not what I was really wanting to do.

Bead Soup ideas

I have since begun a large piece using wire and although I am not entirely happy with it, I am determined to finish it. Here is a sneaky peek at my bead board in it's present state, plenty of wire links in preparation although I am still trying to work out how it will all go together.

Bead Soup Beading Board

Maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to sit down with them all and get some other pieces made up. In the meantime please feel free to visit my partner the lovely Niky who has made some lovely pieces with the soup I sent her and also visit other members taking part in the first reveal.

The next reveal is set for 6th April so I have one week to get myself into gear!!!


Alicia said...

Now you made me curious - your sketch is beautiful; I hope you'll finish soon and share - it will be a gorgeous piece!

vovsblog said...

Looking forward to seeing what you have planned!

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