Saturday, 22 March 2014

Because I love Bead Soup so much!!!

I just had to make a second one!
A friend of mine whom joined a mini bead soup with me last year on Facebook, has agreed to do an individual exchange with me, so; inspired by the bright yellows of the soup I put together for Lesley, here is a second soup I put together.

This time using random yellow gemstones from my randoms box, don't they look lush all together! I also added some yellow cultured pearls, tigers eye drums, Red Carnelian Cubes, red ab coated glass rondelles, a large piece of lightly dyed Agate/Quartz(not sure what it is but an interesting shape) from my random box, a handmade 'Hope' wire focal and a hammered handmade clasp.

Can't wait to see what she makes with it all.

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