Saturday, 4 October 2008

Charlie the parrot...

Well having decided to stay at my parents last night I forgot that they were picking up a Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot from my nans house.

Charlie the parrot

She's had him for a very long time and sadly will probably outlive her as he was only young when he was found by my granddad, who unfortunately passed away in 2001 after going through chemo. He is deeply missed.

Since then the parrot whom was named Charlie because that is what he said when you asked his name lol, has kept her company over the years. She has been on holiday in the past and he has always gone to other members of our family but this time it is their turn as he decided to try and escape whilst at my Aunt and Uncle's the last time lol. On Sunday my nan goes on holiday so my parents are looking after Charlie for the next two weeks.

Joey is going bonkers. Charlie's extremely good with children. He lets them stroke him and feed him etc but adults he isn't so keen on. Basically he'll peck you if you go near him. lol.

He was fine with us when we were kids but now that we are taller and grown up he's not so keen so we keep our distance. But Joey is fine with him. He talks to him and keeps stroking him all the time.

Anyway just thought I would let you all know that my parents have a squakey two weeks ahead lol.


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