Saturday, 11 October 2008

A Crafty Natter - meet-up

This weekend was the A Crafty Natter meet-up in Derby, Mickleover. I arrived at Derby train station and was met by a couple of the ladies who had kindly offered to pick me up. Rachael (Raleau) and Helen (stitchingranny).

I had a lovely time at the meet-up and surprisingly managed to get quite a bit of stitching done on my teddy wizard.
WIP pic 17

Even my mum managed to get some stitching done today. She finished the outline of a Chinese urn and a Russian doll too. They seemed to catch the eye of Colly within a few minutes lol. So will send her copies once I am able to get them from my mum.

Nikki was very fond of my jewellery and ended up buying the purple heart necklace, a set of butterfly earrings and a red and green oriental bracelet and earrings set.

I exchanged all of my fat quarters for the quilt exchange and they all seem to work well together. I chose a butterfly printed piece of fabric, which is the same one used for Essie’s quilt. The others I received were mainly flowers so they compliment well.

Essie’s quilt came out lovely! My first quilted quilt and everyone thought it was fantastic. I may have finished it at 2.30am Saturday morning but a deadline is a deadline and I wasn’t going to let it pass!

Here is the quilt:
essie's quilt

And here are Essie, Frido and I with it:
essie and frido with quilt

There were competition winners announced and another quilt on show this time for the Rainbow Hospice, which is a children’s charity.
the charity quilt

We even had a picture taken of everyone in the group that attended.
everyone from A Crafty Natter

It was then time for the goody bags draw lol. All those who made up goody bags were able to pick a number out of a tub to get one in return. Coincidently I received the goody bag that Essie had made up and it was filled with traditional Dutch sweeties which I cannot wait to try! The toast toppings look rather yummy! There were also some candles and some rayon threads included too.
goody bag from essie

After the excitement of the meet-up we all went down the road to the Nag’s Head for dinner, which was soooooo yummy. I had a simple burger but it was the best burger ever! (And I’m a fussy eater!) For dessert I had the New York cheesecake and it was just divine! Unfortunately I have no picture as I scoffed it immediately after it was put in front of me lol.

Anyway thankyou to those who arranged it, Colly and Sarah! I can’t wait for another! I had a great time and it seems everyone else did too.

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