Sunday, 12 October 2008

Our journey home...

Yesterday was a busy day and I got so much done on my teddy, he will be finished in no time! I had a great night’s sleep and woke up feeling refreshed. Whilst lying in the bed I even thought of the great start of a poem about the meet-up.

After having breakfast I decided to finish it and this is what I came up with.

A Crafty Natter
Met together
For a cup of tea

The community hall
Was filled with noise
In mickleover, Derby

A baby quilt
Was such a surprise
And a secret for Essie

All in a line you
Pick out a number
A goody bag for you and me

From all of us
A children’s quilt
For the Rainbow charity

Lots of stitching
Plenty of chatting
And lots of stash to see

Jayniffa designs
Col’s creations
Even jewellery from Maddy

Fabrics and charts
Kits and ribbon
As well as lots of beads

The UFO Slasher
Awarded by Moll
Was split and won by three

Lots of photos
And silly antics
Laughter and glee

The baby photos
Were all matched up
And won by Hayley

Stitchfactor winner was revealed
Moll won the prize
And was very happy

Massive pressies
From the advent exchange
Christmas had come early

A meal for all
The nag’s head was filled
Dinner and ice cream

A great big thank you
For those who arranged it
To Sarah and Colly

What a wonderful time we all had
A Crafty Natter

I tried to make sure that I had covered everything that happened throughout the day.

On the coach ride home I decided to continue stitching on my teddy as it was a very long journey and managed to get even more done. I even finished a colour too.

Here is a close up of him:

Even my mum got some stitching done too.

We got to London at around 2.30pm and went to Pizza Hut for lunch/dinner.

Here is my teddy after our trip:
WIP pic 19

Thanks for looking.


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