Wednesday, 15 October 2008

UFO Night...

Went to the gym yesterday morning and felt so much better afterwards. I got some great stitching done too.

WIP pic 21

Today I decided to go to Romford and got some fantastic Halloween fabric. Lime green and bright orange spiderweb print. I intend on making a cape for Joey for Halloween.

Here is my stitching from today. His robe is nearly finished and I finished another colour too.

WIP pic 22

After getting so much done on my teddy over the past few days I decided to put it down and stitch only on UFO Nights.

In the meantime I started my Victoria Sampler, international hearts kit of Italy. It is a Christmas present for my BF’s parents as his mum’s family is from Italy.

Here is my progress on day one.
Italy 1

Thanks for looking.


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