Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Halloween fun...

My dad will probably kill me for this but I just have to share these pics lol. We went for breakfast Monday and popped into Asda to have a look for some clothes for Joey as everything he put on that morning didn't fit him :(.

Anyway Asda Living had all their halloween stuff by the door obviously and we just had to have a mooch. Picked up a plastic Skull jug to have drinks on halloween, (i could just put fairy lights in it and put it in the window - ooh now there's an idea :) ) I also got some pumpkin candles and my dad got one of the jugs as they were 3 for 2.

Whilst looking through the halloween stuff Joey found a pumpkin sweet bowl and put it on like a mask:

And then my dad and Joey picked up a couple of actual masks and I had to take this pic lol:

Later on in the evening Joey got his own tub of Ben & Jerry's and couldn't wait to dig his spoon in lol:

Thanks for looking.

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Mylene said...

great pictures!

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