Friday, 29 October 2010

Science Museum

On Wednesday I took Joey to the Science Museum in London which for me was disappointing but throughout the whole time we were there all I could hear was 'mummy look at this', 'mummy what's that?', 'WOW', 'mummy I wanna go there' lol, so I think he enjoyed it!

The first picture is a massive telescope. The second is of the Toyota one person car of the future lol.

After the Science Museum we went to meet my mum at work and saw my sister too, then got Joey some tickets to see the 'Go!Go!Go! Show' which is something like 'Hi5!' if anyone has ever seen it, he also got McDonalds. Unfortunately I don't have any pics from the show (no cameras allowed etc). After the show we went for dinner with a friend and did some late night xmas shopping. A very long day for Joey but he seemed to enjoy it!

But look at the state of his hair at the end of it!

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