Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ornament exchanges

I opened both of my exchange pieces on Christmas Day so here are some piccies including the ones that I sent out too.

To Eva on A Crafty Natter forum. I also included some glittery snowflake ribbon.


From Rachael on A Crafty Natter forum.


To Vivian on Exchange Heaven. I also included some of the same glittery snowflake ribbon.


From Lucy on Exchange Heaven. As she won one of my giveaways she also sent a bought ornament and some chocolates for Joey.

Ornament Exchange IMAG0065
Tiny Treasure IMAG0070

Thankyou to my lovely exchange partners, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

1 comment:

Rachael xxx said...

Not sure if it's my PC but can't see any photo's

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