Saturday, 1 January 2011

Crazy January 2011 Challenge

OK I have put my name down for the 2011 Challenge to complete 15 projects this year and the first on my list is the Tiger bookmark to match the Lion one I previously stitched for the Cross Stitch Friends UK December SAL. I will be putting the first stitches in later tonight after dinner and then hopefully putting up a list somewhere on my blog to let you all know what I will be working on over the next year.

I have found 8 different CareBear kits I bought a couple of years ago so they may all have to go onto the list as once they are all done then I think they will either all be framed together or made into a quilt. Any ideas for these pieces will be much appreciated.

The others will include an ornament I wanted to stitch last January, a teddy piece and an urban cross stitch piece which make 12 I believe. Anyway, wish me luck!! lol

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