Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ok so we've all seen these boxes outside buildings etc, they are meant to be for finished cigarettes right?

Apparently not anymore, due to there being so few places for birds to nest these days, these cigarette boxes are now being overtaken by blue tits! I had no idea about this untill today when we heard chirping coming from one of these boxes at Joey's swimming bars. At first I just assumed there would be a nest on the roof or something and then one of the other children had a look in the box and said there were chicks in there.

So there you have it Blue tits are taking over cigarette boxes so those of you who may smoke, please check the box first. A woman put her cigarette out in it this morning and didn't realise there were birds in it till afterwards. As there was a piece of paper already attached to the box we simply wrote a note on it for future reference stating not to use it as there were birds nesting inside. The girl on reception didn't even know they had a box out there!

Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of the birds as I didn't want to disturb the box and the parents kept flying in and out but I did find some great pictures on google!

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