Thursday, 16 June 2011


Here is an update on one of my manades. When I turned the page sideways this is what I saw so I rounded off the bubbles and now I'm thinking I need to use my white gel pen to make them more bubble-like 'If I can' and then tangle in the background to make it look like water.

Turtle play


Molossus said...

Ooh! This is looking lovely! Did you see the tutorial I did on drawing bubbles? Well. On getting semi-transparency, anyway. Add a little blue around your white, and you'll have bubbles.

Molossus said...

I forgot to say that I think what you have here may not be dark enough or large enough to use the white gel pen only bubble technique. It works best with strong contrast and color changes behind, and room to smear the gel pen but stay in the bubble. My other method is actually easier to do. The gel pen only method is a bit more dramatic looking I think.

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