Thursday, 16 June 2011

Have I overstretched???

Month 6 into the year and I think I am now feeling the strain of all the projects I have taken on. Either that or it's because we've had a really busy couple of weeks at work and I'm exhausted.

Anywho, I still have 2 christmas ornaments to make or is that 3???

I've even lost track of everything I've joined, I used to keep a list.

I've just got some wallpaper to wrap my sketchbook for the sketchbook project/tour 2012 so need to do that before I start in it - I've started a little diagram to show from page to page but wondering how to go about one of them as it needs to 'pop-out' as it were, maybe a piece of A3 cartridge paper cut to size?.

Upload pics for this month's Sketchbook theme pathways.

Upload my UFO pics for this week.

Need to find some local postcards for a postcard exchange.

Need to send off Postcards for Postcard swap on Liberate your Art for printing and get them sent out to America.

Need to finish a couple more letters on my alphabet.

Anything else I've missed???

1 comment:

Rachael xxx said...

Oh dear that sounds like what I used to do, but I decided to be a bit more cautious when joining lots of sals, exchanges etc!!

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