Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My Oh My It's been a while!

I have just seen when my last post was... September!!!!!

That's far too long ago!

I have been busy making jewellery, cushions, new notebook designs, sofa tidies, and even hair pieces.

I have also been doing Craft Fairs like there is no tomorrow and unfortunately not making any money. My last fair was 18th November at Canvey where I didn't make my table money back, let along any diesel money. Will post proper updates over the next few weeks.

I've even set up a new website as the Moonfruit page just wasn't working for me at all and I found it horrible to update. Sorry moonfruit...

Anyway I purchased myself a domain name and a host for almost nothing and here is my new webpage. Now currently been running for a little over a month.

Please pop over to have a look, you will be able to see all my new products now set up with a Paypal system for easy purchasing.

I will be adding photos over the next few weeks as I am now not doing very much except working and getting ready for christmas of which will be a very minimal one in terms of bought presents as I will be making the majority of them for all family and friends due to money being so short...

I apologise in advance if posts become confusing as I like to post them with the relevant dates that they happened etc, means I'm not posting a ton of pictures in one post and they are spread out a bit more. Hope you all understand. If there are any readers out there still please bare with me and I promise I will not neglect my blog any more, now my phone internet works on the computer I can update more often :)

Thankyou for your continued support and I hope you enjoy my forthcoming/belated posts.

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