Thursday, 1 November 2012

October Round Up

Since Setting up my New Website in September I have been updating it with new pages and items for my store as much as I can. I still have so much to upload but for now at least there are items and information available.

I restarted Craft Club at the school I work in and after 6 weeks, students finally managed to finish their bookmarks with some cut out pictures and the use of a laminator.
 I had a go at making jewellery pieces using only one piece of wire and some gemstones.
IMAG0556 IMAG0551
amethyst necklace
pink dragon vein necklace
I started making bracelets for SlimmingWorld members including this one with red chinese jade.
I made some pumpkins for Halloween and even taught some children how to make them at an event.
Made some wired gemstone charms.
And even got some freebies from VistaPrint
mug product labels
I made my bags look very professional with these circle stickers.

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