Wednesday, 19 February 2014

My Slimming Story so far...

You may have noticed I have a little list to the right of the blog with my weight losses over the past few years. I joined SlimmingWorld when I was at University and then had a break whilst I was learning to drive after losing a stone and my boyfriend leaving (after 7 months), because he doesn't do relationships.

Anyway, I returned back to SlimmingWorld in January of 2012 after seeing myself in the following pictures from a New Years party 2011, I guess I didn't see how bad it had got after a year and a half of being on my own and comfort eating from it, ending up as a size 18/20 in clothes and gaining over 2 stone:

In November 2012 with a 1 stone loss, I took the pictures of me in the Penguin top, feeling much better with myself, it may have taken me almost a year but with ups and downs I got there in the end.

Here I am enjoying my friend's birthday New Years Eve December 2012. I can really see the difference here now and I'm in size 16 trousers!!!

Another year gone and another stone with it. Again I've taken pictures in the Penguin top to show the difference. It now gathers around my waist where it is too big and doesn't feel tight at all. I also reached my Club10 in June of 2013, spurring me on even more.

I still have another 2 stone to lose but I'm almost at 2.5 stone after this weeks weigh in and looking forward to buying new clothes shortly as I've found all of my trousers are now too big once again, many of which I can now take off without having to undo anything, whoops!

It's been such a learning experience these last few months too as I've learned how to cook chicken in the oven without it drying up, and I'm enjoying it... I've also found I like cooking and have been stuffing my face with bacon too, yummy! Maybe I will post some pictures of meals that are super quick to make, or start a new blog specifically for it??? Thoughts on a postcard... I hope I have inspired people, that it isn't difficult and in all honesty, I feel great from joining Slimmingworld!

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