Saturday, 15 February 2014


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

This Valentines Day included a lovely evening meal, with candlelight and a gorgeous surprise from my partner. But first, here's what I made for him :)

Inspired by the lovely Paper Panda on facebook, I dove head first into papercutting and love it! Having got the larger piece framed, I must say it looks amazing! The papercut floats in the middle of the frame with a deep blue at the very back. Love it! The second piece became my card with red card mounted on the back.

Here was my surprise after dinner :)

 My partner had hand printed all these lovely little hearts with dragonflies in them and made a heart shape on the bed. Each one unique and different from the next.

 So pretty, my favourite as it looks like they are flying over water.

My boyfriend etches metal plates to print with but I like the plates so he made me a special one that doesn't need printing :)

Oh and here's our candle from dinner, I had four spelling out Love with a heart for the o but didn't want to try and light them all so we decided on lighting the heart instead, so cute!

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