Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sunday class and lots of making

I had a lovely lady ask me for a private lesson on the Sunday and so here is the finished piece she made, I helped a little with getting all the branches finished. Think she really enjoyed herself and presented the finished tree to her mother for her birthday.

I also made some pieces of my own, having had this fuschia pink wire in my stash for quite some time I wanted to put it to use and so grabbed some cup chain, a lovely clear chaton to wrap. I also created a dreamcatcher style pendant with some clear crystals and wrapped a ring with Lapis Lazuli to go with a necklace that is on display in the window.

We also had a visitor who had bought some clay previously and showed us a manga character he had made using it which was put on display in the window. Doesn't he look cool!

Whilst looking in the window I also saw these adorable little fairies made by a lovely lady named Louise, to match the fairy doors I made for the shop, the pink one even glows in the dark!

To top off the day we even had some delicious hot chocolate of which mine was very happy as the bubbles were multi-coloured :)

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