Friday, 14 March 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party!!!

This year's Bead soup party is bigger than ever! Soups are arriving in the mail and the photos in the Facebook group are delicious! Both my partner Lesley and I have Etsy stores so we made contact there to get an idea of materials we usually work with. She works with gemstones and glass like myself yet we both have different takes on things. I myself using a lot of wire and Lesley using cord to make beautiful pieces such as this Fluorite wrap bracelet/necklace:
Please check Lesley's Etsy shop for more pretty things! (just click the picture)

Here is a sneaky peak of the soup I sent to Lesley:

And the sneaky pic Lesley posted for me:
Don't forget to visit Lesley's blog also to see what else she gets up to.

Can't wait to post the reveal pics!!!

1 comment:

Niky Sayers said...

Looks intriguing, and such lovely bright colours!

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