Saturday, 15 March 2014

Liberate your art postcard swap
Deadline day is today!

I just love this swap! I rarely create what I call art as I'm usually making jewellery but you can even send in pictures of that too. Here are the postcards I sent in for this years swap. Last year my postcards didn't quite make it in time, despite the post office assuring me they would be there in time :(

The Love piece is a copper charm I stamped with letters, the blue is a microscopic picture of one of my blue Agate gemstones I've been meaning to wire wrap (We found a new toy at work), and the third is a picture taken of my hot chocolate whilst at Craft Candy one weekend, the bubbles had little rainbows in them.

So happy to be a part of it and looking forward to receiving some lovely postcards. Unfortunately I had to print them on the laser printer at work so I hope they look OK. If anyone is interested in swapping more cards outside of the swap please let me know as I have quite a few extra :)

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