Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap

The Postcard swap is now at an end and to finish it off properly, there is a final BlogHop to visit all those involved. 

It has been a long journey, especially for the postcards and the lovely Kat who has swapped everyone's lovely artwork and sent them whirring around the world.

The postcards have now all found new homes and will be treasured by the recipients.

Looking forward to visiting all the lovely blogs involved and seeing everyone's liberated art.

Please stop by The Kat Eye View of the World to see all the lovely bloggers involved.


Claire said...

Lovely to meet you on the swap, and I hope you're having a fun Easter :)

Anonymous said...

It was fun and very ambitious of Kat to undertake it annually.

Gallery Juana said...

Wasn't this a fun swap! Thanks for the visit and joining in:)

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